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2 oz tins with lids

2 oz tins with lids are a versatile and practical packaging solution suitable for a variety of products. These tins are commonly used in industries such as cosmetics, food, personal care, and crafts due to their durability, portability, and aesthetic appeal. Their compact size and secure lids ensure portability and prevent leaks, while their sleek design offers a premium look. Customizable options such as labeling, printing, and color coating allow for personalized branding, making them a practical and attractive packaging solution for small quantities of high-value or sensitive products. Eco-friendly and reusable, 2 oz tins with lids enhance both product appeal and sustainability.

Features of 2 oz Tins with Lids


Metal (typically tin or aluminum): Offers excellent durability and protection for contents. Metal tins are also lightweight and recyclable, making them an eco-friendly choice.


2 oz (approximately 60 ml): Suitable for small quantities, making it ideal for products like balms, salves, spices, teas, and more.

Lid Types:

● Screw-Top Lid: Provides a secure closure, preventing leaks and spills. Easy to open and close, making it convenient for frequent use.

● Slip-On Lid: Easy to remove and replace, commonly used for items that do not require an airtight seal.

● Hinged Lid: Attached to the tin, ensuring the lid is never lost. Ideal for products used on-the-go.

Design and Aesthetics:

Smooth or Ribbed Sides: Options for a sleek look or a more grip-friendly texture.

Plain or Customizable Surface: This can be left plain for a minimalist look or customized with labels, printing, or embossing for branding and product information.

Applications of 2 Oz Tins

  1. Cosmetics and Personal Care:

    • Ideal for lip balms, solid perfumes, lotions, and creams. The metal material protects the contents and gives a premium feel.

  2. Food and Beverages:

    • Suitable for storing spices, teas, mints, candies, and small portions of gourmet foods. Metal tins keep contents fresh and protected from light and air.

  3. Health and Wellness:

    • Perfect for packaging supplements, herbal remedies, and balms. The secure lid ensures the integrity of the product is maintained.

  4. Crafts and DIY Projects:

    • Used for organizing and storing small craft supplies like beads, buttons, and glitters. Also popular for homemade candles and skincare products.

  5. Gifts and Promotional Items:

    • Can be used for packaging small gifts, promotional items, and sample-sized products. Customizable surfaces allow for personalized branding.

2 oz tins with lids

2 oz tins with lids are a versatile and durable packaging solution suitable for a wide range of products. Their combination of portability, protection, and aesthetic appeal makes them an excellent choice for industries such as cosmetics, food, personal care, health and wellness, and crafts. With various customization options available, our tins can be tailored to meet specific branding and product needs, providing a high-quality packaging solution that enhances both the product and the consumer experience.

● Durability:

Metal tins are robust and can withstand rough handling, making them ideal for travel and everyday use.

● Portability:

Compact and lightweight, 2 oz tins are easy to carry in a purse, pocket, or travel bag.

● Protection:

The metal material provides excellent protection against external factors such as light, air, and moisture, preserving the quality of the contents.

● Reusability:

2 oz metal tins can be reused and repurposed, adding value for consumers and promoting sustainability.

● Aesthetic Appeal:

The sleek and shiny appearance of metal tins enhances the visual appeal of the product, giving it a premium look.

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